Huff Technologies has a long history working with dynamometers for both automotive and industrial applications. We can produce dynamometer systems to measure common applications such as RPM and torque measurements to fluid, gas, gearboxes, turbines and other measurements. Our Dynamometers can measure and withstand high foot pounds of energy and torque to high RPM revolutions in excess of 11,000 RPMs. Many systems can be self-powered and do not require external pumps or water-cooling needs. We can provide data collection and data input as required by the customer using provided software that will provide real-time information about the system being tested.

Our Huff HTH-100 Dynamometer power is transmitted to the dyno via. a 1.25" dia. shaft on the front of a 4.5" planetary gear drive. The drive is bolted directly to the front of a gear type hydraulic pump. The pump draws oil from an oil reservoir just below and forces the oil through a special valve pack directly mounted to the top of the pump. The valve pack adjusts its internal orifices to hold the motor at a set rpm by the user. The rpm remains constant even through varying throttle positions and can be made to sweep the engine up or down by changing the speed setting via a small DC motor which is provided.

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