Component Production Testing

Component Production Testing

Production test equipment typically consists of a PC based data acquisition and control system.  The systems gather analog and digital data from amp meters, pressure sensors, flow meters, switches, bar code readers, etc. That information is used to test and control various servo systems, proportional controls, valves, power systems to execute a test sequence defined by the customer.  Data can be stored locally or on remote storage devices. The testing process can be made to print labels, test certificates, or other forms of confirmations that the components have passed or failed a test. Since the systems are PC based, they may be monitored or controlled remotely over Ethernet from virtually anywhere.  This reduces travel requirements and the need for local technical expertise at remote locations.

We Specialize In:

  • Fuel Pump Test System
  • Spare Tire Hoist System
  • Axle Dyno Test Cell

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