Processes Equipment Systems

Huff Technologies Inc designs and builds custom Industrial processing machinery. Working closely with the customer, Huff Technologies will design a customized system for your process. Huff Technologies will then build, debug, and install the equipment in your faculty. Training, service, startup and technical help are also available.


Huff Technologies uses a variety of PC and PLC based control systems married to an endless variety of mechanical components and systems to deliver a custom solution.


Dip and Spin

Problem: Customer needed a system that could coat odd shaped and difficult to handle parts. It needed to be reliable, user friendly, and capable of processing 300 pounds of metal parts every two (2) minutes.

dip_spinSolution: Huff Technologies Inc. designed, built, and installed a "Dip and Spin" coating system. A bin of parts are loaded into a dumping system. Parts are then automatically loaded into a weighing system which proportions them into user determined batches. The parts are then loaded into a basket which is transported to a dip tank. The basket of parts is then dipped and spun to remove excess coating. Parts are then transported to a six (6) foot wide wire mesh conveyor where they are dried and then dumped into totes for shipping.

Dip Line

Problem: Customer needed a system to coat metal parts with two (2) coats of adhesive at a rate of over 7200 parts per hour. Parts were various shapes and sizes.


dip_lineSolution: Huff Technologies Inc. designed, manufactured, and installed a system using a small overhead conveyor with hooks attached to carry the parts. The parts are loaded by hand on the hooks as they pass by. The parts are then conveyed into a preheat tunnel where they are heated to 130+ degrees F. The system then dips them into a primer coating tank and dries the coating in a second drying tunnel. The parts are then dipped in an outer coating and dried again in the same manner. Parts are manually unloaded and the hooks are conveyed into a ultrasonic cleaning bath to reduce coating build up. The system also incorporates an overhead parts loading bin as well as a pneumatic finished parts bin conveyor to aide in material flow. Mobile dip tanks make changing coating types easy. A PLC controls line functions as well as keeping up with production data.

Mica Scrubber

Problem: Customer produces strips of foam rubber. Part of the process coats the foam in mica which makes it lower in quality.


mica_scrubberSolution: Huff Technologies Inc. designed and manufactured a system utilizing spray water and counter rotating brushes to lift and remove the mica. The mica was then filtered out of the wash water and recycled. Dryers and air blow-offs the dried the part before further processing.