Engine Chassis Dynamometer

Huff Technologies Inc. has been in the business of building dynamometer data acquisition systems since 1989 and Engine dynamometers since 1993. Starting with DOS based systems running on "XT" computers to the current Windows based acquisition systems, Huff Technologies Inc. prides itself on providing very repeatable, user friendly, and cost effective PC Based dyno data acquisition systems. These systems consist of hardware, software, and sensors which gather engine data, correct for weather, and inertia, and provide printed and plotted data for the user.


Starting in 1993, Huff Technologies Inc. began offering hydraulic based small engine dynamometers. These dynos allow steady state and sweeping tests on 2 and 4 stroke engines. Recently, a chassis version of these dynos has been provided which allows motorcycles to be tested in steady state, road like conditions.

Small Engine Dynamometers

Huff Technologies Inc. builds a hydraulic based dynamometer capable of 150+ ft.lb. at 11,000+ rpm. These systems are self powered and do not require external pumps or water cooling for most applications.

Power is transmitted to the dyno via. a 1.25" dia. shaft on the front of a 4.5" planetary gear drive. The drive is bolted directly to the front of a gear type hydraulic pump. The pump draws oil from an oil reservoir just below and forces the oil through a special valve pack directly mounted to the top of the pump. The valve pack adjusts its internal orifices to hold the motor at a set rpm by the user. The rpm remains constant even through varying throttle positions and can be made to sweep the engine up or down by changing the speed setting via a small DC motor which is provided.

Small Engine Dynomometer



Chassis Dynamometers

Huff Technologies Inc. also builds steady state hydraulic based chassis dynamometers. These systems are capable of testing motorcycles to 200+ mph and up to 325 rear wheel brake horsepower. These systems are capable of holding a motorcycle at constant speed through varying throttle positions. This is especially useful in tuning the bike without actually taking it out on the road. Paired with Huff Technologies Inc. data acquisition systems and O2 analyzers, this system becomes an invaluable tool for cycle shops and racers.