Food Equipment

The ham pasteurization system shown below pasteurizes foods by boiling and then chilling packaged foods. This action decreases bacteria and prolongs shelf life.






The vacuum chamber below is designed to custom fit your racks. By reducing the area inside the chamber to a minimum, cycle times and vacuum requirements are reduced. An onboard PLC controls, cycles, and displays current conditions as well as cycle failures.


Vacuum Chamber



The hydraulic tumble-dumpers below combine tumblers and dumping functions, reducing manpower. When used with a conveyor, products can simply be dumped onto conveyors immediately after ending the tumbling cycle. Tumblers can be rinsed/cleaned and unloaded without extra handling. Systems are available with hydraulic or electric drives.


Hydraulic Tumble-Dumper
Hydraulic Tumble-Dumper



Standard hydraulic dumpers and process tables can be built to your specifications.


Hydraulic Dumper



This stainless steel mixing tank system has four compartments, including a hydraulic stirring mechanism and a venture mixing pump.


Stainless Steel Mixing Tank



Custom racks are available to optimize space in ovens and vacuum chambers.


Custom Racks