History of Huff Technologies Inc.
Darrel Huff Jr. initially founded Huff Technologies Inc. in 1987.
Huff Technologies primarily consulted on and manufactured specialized parts for the racing industry.
It was later expanded into dynamometers and data acquisition systems.
In 1993, Huff Technologies added hydraulic dynamometers for small engines to its line.
In 1998, the company purchased 3 acres of land a built a 3200 sq. ft. facility. the company began
manufacturing industrial testing, inspection, and processing equiptment.
In 2000, to meet increasing demands for industrial sales, Huff Technologies added 10,000 sq. ft.
with a 26' ceiling. This gave the company the ability to build large equiptment as well as needed
floor space.
In 2005, Huff Integrated Systems LLC, was formed and purchased a 6000 sq. ft. building dedicated
to building larger automation
systems in conjunction with Huff Technologies Inc.  

In December of 2014, Huff Technologies added on 1400 sq. ft. of office space including


a conference room, printing room, data room and additional restrooms. 



Currently, Huff Technologies is adding on 9000 sq. ft. of additional assembly area
set to be completed in December of 2015.