Welding Capabilities
Huff Technologies Inc. possesses two 5000 ft2 fabrication facilities each with 26 foot tall ceiling.  They have to ability to produce large fabrications and have access to large hot dip galvanizing services.  Fabricator / welders with 30+ years experience are available to fabricate even the most challenging structures from steel, stainless steel, aluminum, or plastic.  Mig, TIG, and stick welding are available.  Fabrication equipment includes 12’ shear, 300 ton press brake, rolls, punches, and saws.


100’ Trusses and Legs


120’ Truss
fabrication_3 Huff Technologies Inc. is experienced in fabrications for the food industry. Large tank systems, tumblers, work tables, automated rack system, and food racks have been fabricated to rigid standards.

Galvanized Automated Storage Rack for Food

Production Welded Shipping Racks
Flow Rack