Sub System Assembly


Assembly Line with Pokey Yoke Bins



End of Line Camera Inspection


Heavy Duty Flex 100 line with Built-In Presses


Over / Under Wheel End Assembly Line

Huff Technologies Inc. designs and builds a variety of pallet type conveyor systems for assembly of various components.  Systems include pokey yoke bins that open only the correct bin for the part being assembled.  Camera inspection systems confirm the correct parts are installed. 

Heavy duty lines have been built to assemble 1000+ lb units.  Semi automatic built in bearing presses shown below keep parts flowing on the line with the need for off line processes.

Straight lines with a return under the main assembly line have been built.  These lines save space and reduce the need for material handlers to shuttle pallets back to the start of the line.  Hydraulic lifts hold the finished product until unloaded then lower the pallets to the return line to be recycled to the start.  Lifts at the start end raise returned pallets to the start position and then shuttle them back onto the assembly line.

Contact Huff Technologies Inc. with your assembly needs and let them show you what they can do.