Engine Assembly Lines



Huff Technologies Inc. engine assembly lines utilize an accumulation style roller chain along with a proprietary aluminum extrusion rail to provide a very functional, durable, and cost effective assembly system.  Two different size systems (Flex 75 and Flex 50) accommodate pallets from 6” to 30+” square with engine weights in the 400+ lb range.  Larger Flex 100 system can be fabricated that will accommodate 1000+ lb loads.


Assembly lines in excess of 500 feet in length have been installed that accommodate 90+ assembly stops.  Precision lift and locates, lift and transfers, lift and rotate, elevation changes, flip gates, etc. may be provided to provide ease of assembly and maximum production rate.

Huff Technologies Inc. can provide  the conveyor system only or can design and install the entire system including PLC based controls, testing and automated assembly stations, RFID readers, Bar Code readers, production signage, etc.   

 Please see the attached brochures and contact us to discuss your assembly system needs.