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Huff Technologies Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of custom testing, inspection, assembly, and process equipment. We specialize in PC/PLC based systems to assemble, machine, test, inspect, and process your specific parts. We serve the automotive, industrial, and mining industries. This web site contains a brief history of our company with articles and pictures of actual machinery, and systems we have designed and installed.

Please review these systems and call us concerning any specialized need your company might have.

Proven Ability

Huff Technologies has proven its ability to produce quality equipment with budget minded pricing since 1987. PC and PLC based systems to test production engines and sub-systems for major automotive manufacturers.
Custom testing, assembly and inspection equipment for automotive and industrial customers.
Process machinery and systems for automotive, industrial and food applications.
We pride ourselves in our ability to provide all aspects of a machine from conception, manufacturing, installation and service to training on the machine. Customer 100% satisfaction is our company standard.
The President/Owner of the company, Darrel Huff, is a mechanical engineer by trade with 30 plus years of experience in designing machines for many different industries. We are located in the Morganfield Industrial Park in Western Kentucky. Which is 50 miles southwest of Evansville, Indiana on US HWY 60. Contact us at 270-389-4833 to discuss how Huff Technologies, Inc. can meet your specific needs.

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Contact: Glenda Huff
Phone: 270.389.4833
January 21, 2013


Shifter / Component Test Cell with Environmental Chamber

The Huff Technologies Shifter / Component test cells can test shifters, cables, transmissions, and other components at very high cycle rates and are extremely durable. Utilizing linear servo motors testing shifters/ cables/ transmissions (manual or automatic), they are 3 to 5 times faster than traditional testers. They are easily user programmable or may run predefined programs. They may also be used to test other components such as levers, knobs, actuators, steering components, chassis components, etc. They are available in one, two, or three axis controls. With the environmental chamber shown, the can test components to -65C to 100C. System advantages include:



Engine Assembly
Food Equipment
Small Engine Dynamometers
Tube Expanders
Machine Capabilities
Hydraulic Motor Test Stands


Located in the Union County Industrial Park on Hwy 60 near Morganfield, KY just sounth of Evansville, IN.


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